In the beginning of his career, Little Richard, who died Saturday at 87, was a beautiful young man with high cheekbones and a face full of angles that caught the light. He had a wide forehead that could balance his hair and wide set eyes with the expressive ferocity of a Greek chorus. His face wasn’t particularly masculine, but it wasn’t soft or delicate either.

John, 33, from Minneapolis wants to vote but can’t until he’s off probation in several years. “I know there are a lot of people who look at felons as being people who aren’t interested in voting or don’t follow politics. But as far as me, I’m married and I have a family and I have two sons and I’m concerned about their future; I’m concerned about the future of this state and this country,” he says..

For your review:Qualitative measures above (such as “Pure Play” “Well Capitalized” are my personal opinion based on my interpretation of the market and published financials)There will be more than one “winner” as I expect the head worn wearables market to be huge.As an investor, I am looking for a “pure play” where each wearables optical engine sold or license dollar invoiced is directly accretive to earnings.Supplying a superior display is not enough. Many of the products I expect to emerge will come from Fashion Brands (Oakley, Chanel, Ray Ban, Nike, etc.) and they will need a supplier who can offer the complete package: display module, speech enhancement, ergonomics, and software.Rugged designs will be important for consumer and enterprise products so I have included US Military supplier status where durability is key and high quality volume production is required.Production capability and capitalization will be important. Major customers will only do business with suppliers which are probable long term going concerns.

Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon Web Services, will become Amazon’s CEO after Bezos transitions out.”Those of us who know Andy are excited to see him take on this greater responsibility,” said Brian Olsavsky, Amazon’s chief financial officer in an earnings call with investors Tuesday. “He’s a visionary leader, a great operator. He understands what makes Amazon such a special, innovative company.”An Amazon Studios spokeswoman did not immediately return a request for comment on whether Bezos’ transition will affect the studio.Amazon Studios, based in Culver City, is run by Jen Salke, a former NBC executive who took the job in 2018 after the departure of Roy Price.

Now ask yourself this: Do you have anything on your Facebook that might be perceived as controversial? Here are a few things that might be deal breakers for some admissions officers. For the UC Berkeley residence halls no fear, for candy is here! Volunteers in every complex, in every building and on almost every floor were given a bag of candy for potential trick or treaters that might knock on their doors. Kids were given the opportunity to explore the Berkeley dorms as well as satisfy their sweet tooth..

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