Oakland’s Asian inflected cocktail and dessert bar is crafting unique Lunar New Year cakes for the perfect end to your holiday feast. Inspired by Garden Lucky Candy, a strawberry flavored Chinese candy typically eaten during the new year, Lucky Candy cake is a Maqaw pepper almond cake with strawberry condensed milk and strawberry buttercream frosting. Its Yuzu Black Sesame cake is a lighter choice, featuring yuzu and osmanthus flavored cake and black sesame pudding.

Of California, many states have few or no additional pregnancy based protections outside of the limited federal law, meaning that even employers who adhere unambiguously to legal standards can still subject their pregnant or recent parent employees to professional and financial hardship. After a national report came out last year severely criticizing the nation laws affecting new parents, I wrote about my experience working for a company in New York that, well within their legal rights, denied me paid leave, and tried very hard to deny accommodation for a pregnancy related medical condition. I never know if any of that was a factor in my layoff four months later I don necessarily believe it was, but because it was also part of a company restructuring, it would have been extremely difficult to claim.Cultural Assumptions About Motherhood And WorkAside from the legality or intent of Nasty Gal actions, the story has hit a nerve with the public in part because of pervasive cultural assumptions about the value and professional commitment of pregnant women and new mothers.

Poco has bumped up the battery capacity on the M3, and it has a 6,000mAh battery compared to the 5,000mAh one in the Poco M2. As a result the smartphone now weighs 197g, and this is noticeable while you are holding it. Poco has curved the back of the smartphone along the sides which makes it comfortable to hold..

Their 2017 record Woe to the Vanquished is my favourite by them so far. Its really well put together, the band really put together a tracklist that is sharp as a knife, and they are good at knowing when to go fast, and when to take their time to develop tracks. If you end up liking it then i would warmly recomend the track runtrough they did too.

Is a key component of our personal wellness. As we see more studies about sleep and work productivity, we could see an increase in companies that encourage taking a nap at work. A previous version of this story stated that the National Sleep Foundation kept a recliner for napping; The recliner is located at the University of Alabama.Innovation in your inbox Sign up for the daily newsletterImpactImpactThe frightening link between climate change and the pandemicImpactThe COVID 19 vaccine rollout is going to create a massive waste management problemImpactWe still aren’t doing enough testing to keep COVID 19 containedNewsNewsHere’s why you should not share your COVID vaccination card on social mediaNewsWhy it’s a big deal that carrying drugs will no longer get you arrested in OregonNewsBiden stimulus update: When is my third IRS check, unemployment, or student loan forgiveness coming?Work LifeWork LifeThe 4 management styles of emotionally intelligent leadersWork LifeBiden and Harris just gave a master class on motivating teamsWork LifeThe one well being benefit you may be overlooking for working parents.

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