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O importante que o tenente coronel aviador Marcos Csar Pontes est sendo treinado pela NASA, em Houston, no Texas, para tripular, dentro de pouco tempo, um vo espacial. Ser, pois, nosso primeiro astronauta. Marcos Csar Pontes j tem farto e sortido stio prprio na Internet com tudo que voc queria e no queria saber sobre o filho altivo, bandeirante audaz dos ares, e seu arriscado passeio enfrentando nuvens e cus..

It is proposed that “segmentation” might offer the least risky approach for natural ventilation design of non domestic tall buildings.Accordingly, the generic design procedure are proposed for investigating the influence of segmentation on ventilation air flows: firstly, the single cell envelope flow model is adopted to evaluate the steady state bulk flows through openings under a specified design condition; secondly, dynamic thermal modelling with an air flow network module is used, because of the particular importance of the coupling between the airflow and thermal process for evaluating the year round ventilated cooling potential of targeted spaces. The chosen thermal model utilizes a multi cell airflow network model (AFN) since the targeted buildings can no longer be described by a single cell model; thirdly, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation is suggested in the later design stage to cope with insufficient resolution of local airflow distribution in previous modelling stages; finally, the overall performance of comfort ventilation is then interpreted in relation to adaptive thermal comfort theory by the use of Building Bioclimatic Charts, which offers a way of rapidly testing whether or not natural ventilation is likely to produce comfortable conditions.The novelty of this work lies not in the methodology, which uses available modelling tools, but in the evaluation of naturally ventilated tall buildings with reference to segmentation in the climatic context of Taiwan. The effect of segmentation is evaluated by comparing the overall ventilation performance under three different building configurations, namely the isolated, segmented and non segmented tall buildings.

(Greg Colgan/Sentinel Review) Article content Customers at a Woodstock bank were zip tied and confined during a violent armed robbery that led to charges against five suspects from the Greater Toronto Area. Tuesday after reports four unknown male suspects entered the bank and demanded cash. One of the suspects was armed with a weapon..

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