“That was the result we saw. We did not what led up to that. We did not know the details of that. The Zamboni word mark and configuration of the Zamboni ice resurfacing machine are registered trademarks of Frank J. Zamboni Co., Inc. Frank J. Inside the spacious, purple lit club are maybe 30 patrons. A few young women shoot pool. A couple of guys chat at the bar, so modest that it stocks only six brands of booze.

Help clean up the bird after a flight (or at least offer to), if they working late bring them some lickies and chewies, offer to wash your own windows every now and then, etc. Just show them that you give a shit. You don fly without them, either directly (lift platforms) or indirectly (attack)..

The City County Homeless Issues Committee meets Monday to discuss city and county budgets for homeless services. Several major committees meet on Wednesday: ALRC, Parks, and TPC. On Thursday, the Landmarks Ordinance Review Committee meets to start reviewing the outreach plan to residents of Historic Districts and review the historic standards grid presented to and tweaked by the Landmarks Commission..

Two PromisesThis week, the under pressure Oxford team held out two new promises. One, while offering some protection and lessening the severity of an infection, it also reduces transmissibility, by about two thirds. That difference is important; a vaccinated person may be protected, but still may infect others; vaccines can protect the lungs but the virus can persist in the upper respiratory tract.

If Robinhood suddenly can “secure” all the GME stock before the 2 day close period because they literally don have enough money, the government can step in if they feel the exchange is at risk of not being able to fulfill their orders in the two day close time. The chance of that happening is basically their access to capital. That what I would love to hear during a congressional hearing or if one of more of their capital sources told them to fuck off unless they restricted trading.

Recently, the city has created a McPike Park Response team. The goal is to help people camping at the park connect to safe shelter or housing as soon as possible. The McPike Park Response team includes staff from the City’s Community Development Division, Parks, Police, Fire, Streets, homeless street outreach partners, and me.

Results showed that the dissolved organic carbon (DOC) could be decreased by CS MS flocculation and the use of higher charge density CS yielded a greater DOC reduction. When CS with the charge density of 0.052, 0.102 and 0.293 meq/g were used, dissolved organic carbon (DOC) was decreased from 3.4 to 3.0, 2.3 and 1.7 mg/L, respectively. The excitation emission matrix fluorescence spectroscopy and UV254 analysis indicated that CS MS exhibits an ability to remove some soluble organics, which contributed to the DOC reduction.

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