The three countries said Beijing’s claims to “historic rights” in the waters did not comply with international law. Parly said at the Shangri La Dialogue in June 2019 that Paris would continue to sail in the South China Sea more than twice a year and urged other like minded countries to follow to maintain open access in the waters. Beijing has long protested against the presence of foreign warships near the South China Sea, and claimed that France recognised China’s sovereignty in the waters, including over the Spratly Islands.

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Purpose: This paper aims to explore how experiences and emotions arising from the performance of ethnography shape the construction of knowledge about democratic practice in two social enterprises. It argues that ethnographers can develop a more nuanced understanding of organisational practices by moving beyond the self reflexive work of being aware of one’s position to embrace the emotional work of engaging reflexively with this position, re embedding reflexive moments in the process of knowledge construction.Design/methodology/approach: Reflections are made on the emotions and experiences arising during a 12 month ethnographic study in two social enterprises. First it highlighted and helped the researcher to see beyond the limits of their assumptions, opening them to new understandings of democracy.

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With the work from home model in use in effort to prevent COVID 19 spread, network security can be compromised in an instant. Home networks just aren built or monitored to police incoming and outgoing traffic the way robust business networks are. It up to the end user to remain diligent and use cyber sense when receiving, responding to and sending digital communication.

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